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154 Oak Street, Ashland, OR, 97520, US

Phone: (541) 482-3241


Northwest Nature Shop + Northwest Kids

A charming family-owned business, located in the same historic location on Oak Street, since 1985. Northwest Kids: Toys, books, and games, for active play, exploration, and creativity.

We’ve created a place for our customers to dream, learn and shop. We provide the knowledge and supplies to help people to turn their backyards into sanctuaries for wildlife, provide educational projects for parents to do with their children, and nature guidebooks to learn about the world around us.

We share our passion to:
~ Foster appreciation for nature.
~ Inspire a love and curiosity for the natural world.
~ Work to protect our natural surroundings for future generations.
~ Provide products made in a sustainable manner.
~ Support small businesses that make quality goods.
~ Supporting educational and environmental organizations.
~ Be an active contributor to our community
~ Hosting educational events

We invite you to visit us in the Ashland store.
Or visit our website to check out our selection of:
~ Garden and bird supplies
~ Locally made + fair trade gifts
~ Maps and hiking guides
~ School supplies
~ Gifts and Home Decor
~ Toys, books, and games
~ Science and Education
~ Birds and backyards
~ Educational toys
~ Gifts for active kids
~ Non-tech gifts for teens

You will enjoy the environment in our store. Come on in and have a conversation, learn something new, and take something home. See you soon.


This shop leans towards environmental education.

It is a perfect shop to select a gift for a curious child or an adult who enjoys the wonders of nature.

— Nianadevenir Haiowine ~ 2 months ago

One of the longest running Businesses In the downtown Ashland area, excellent place for educational gifts about planet earth.

— Mark Dreiszus ~4 months ago

This is the museum gift shop of Ashland.

~ Nature lover stuff
~ Educational toys
~ "Semi" precious stones
~ Cards
~ Books
~ Socks
~ Huge wind chimes
~ Kinetic art stuffs
~ PUPPETS... it's got all the things.

If you need a quick gift this is a good place to check out. For sure expensive but it seems Ashland is really going for the bougie vibe and as mentioned below, inflation is a real factor so anyway everything everywhere pretty much is.

The customer service was really great.

— Land Back ~ 7 months ago

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